Dementia Care

A diagnosis of dementia used to almost certainly mean going into residential care, but thanks to specialist skills and training that’s no longer the case.

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Expert Care for Dementia

With the appropriate support and caregivers who possess a comprehensive understanding of dementia, individuals affected by the condition can lead comfortable lives in the familiarity of their homes.


Following a diagnosis, a good quality of life is still achievable, as our teams extend support to both the individual and their family. This involves providing reassurance, preserving self-value, and offering a flexible service. Whether through daily visits for comprehensive care management or weekly visits to grant caregivers a respite, we can even accompany individuals on holiday, ensuring a continuum of support tailored to their needs.

Individualised Packages

We customise every dementia care package to individual needs since each person is unique. Our commitment includes exclusively engaging care and support professionals equipped with pertinent training and expertise in this specialised field.

Care and support services at home

We tailor each learning disability support package to each person, using staff with relevant training and experience. Matching our professionals and our customers to your satisfaction is extremely important.

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